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Cat ruins (one day of) Christmas


Now, that’s a Daily Mail headline for you !

I had such high hopes for today and this blog.

It’s 12 days to Christmas so my heart was filled with joy at the countdown to my favourite time of year. This was to translate ( at least in my head) into witty festive repartee and sugar plumy recipes for all things wonderfully Christmassy!

And then, as it does, reality kicked in.

With the exception of the Doodles, our house is an animal free zone and is intended to stay that way. All the animal capers that we seem to attract – of which there are many – are at least outside . Or were until today.

I can only describe what happened when I went into my office this morning as surreal. As I walked through the door a black cat was running circles around the walls – I kid you not – like one of those motorcycle trick type people. We don’t own a cat – and at the risk of alienating someone – we don’t even like cats. Judging by the amount of urine spider cat then directed at me ( while running round the room, half way up the walls), I can see that the feeling was mutual.

The more I tried to open windows to free the beast, the more it peed. It even got me. I must admit to being secretly impressed with its agility to run, scale walls and pee at the same time.

The Doodles just gaped in amazement and awe – which is their typical reaction to anything that nature fully intended them to chase and savage.

Whoever made cats had a cruel and sadistic streak when they gave them their potent weapon of pee. It’s revolting. It’s also now on almost everything in my office.

I now know several ways of removing said revolting smell – most involving vinegar . My office now smells of fading cat pee and pungent vinegar. Yesterday it was Cinammon and vanilla candles.

So, all thoughts of sugar plums have been cancelled for today and Christmas cheer is rescheduled again for tomorrow….