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My fabulously friendly feathered friend

I’m not known to be much of a bird lover.

A traumatic experience involving a blue budgie and a typhoon in my early years put paid to that. And then there were the bullying ‘Doves of Peace’ …..

So with the exception of our glorious divas – six silver and gold wyandotte and one baby bantam who I am totally smitten with ,other birds ( although totally wonderful to listen to and watch from a distance) leave me relatively unmoved – particularly by their proclivity to make disgusting our deck cushions ( always the cushions with such accuracy and never the floor….) and newly washed windows.

But a funny thing happened a few weeks ago that has got me thinking about things much deeper than bird poo.

One day a fantail flew into the kitchen.

It was totally unphased about the new surroundings and took perch on a gladioli and then the bird box.

Ok, at this point I have to admit I have a bird box in the kitchen. It was a gift from M and is just adorable – as are all his amazingly thoughtful gifts. It’s a piece of art and far too good to be a bird house…. so it now happily lives in the kitchen.

As I have done many times in the past in various places when birds overstepped their rightful place, I went to shoo the bird out and hoped that they did so without depositing their poo everywhere which they tend to do when stressed.

It had other ideas and exuding an almost bird zen, looked at me, ignored me and then went for an unflustered fly before leaving. And no poo.

I thought nothing more.

I was out picking plums. Guess who decided to come and sit on the branch where I was picking? Totally unphased at the movement of both me and branch, chatting away like a good neighbour catching up on the news and only leaving after escorting me back to the house.

Then, while feeding the divas, who decides to sit on the food feeder ? Who decides to give me ( in the car) an escort from the gate down the drive and then sit on the door as I attempt to get out?

Working in the garage – who keeps me company by swinging off the door opener cord?

And then, when cutting the grass – not frightened by the power and noise of the ride-on mower ( unlike the Doodles…).

The list goes on.

What is now a ( several) daily occurrence , I’m beginning to feel like Snow White ( ….from the movie, when she sings and the birds and woodland animals follow her and sing along…)

Getting in touch with my inner Snow White

M ( being the practical one) says all fantails are territorial and that these were all different birds…

Unphased about him inadvertantly trying to kill my fantail buzz, I assured a sceptical him that I can recognise it ( I think they have slightly different markings – if they don’t, let me pretend).

Then I had a ( jokingly) deep and meaningful thought. What if this was something more – what if this little bird was reaching out to me in some way – a message from something none of us understand. I’ve often read stories about people believing that spirits can return in bird form for a variety of reasons – and always write them off as people with waaaay too much time on their hands – or bonkers. Or both.

My little friend – who I have not named as that really did seem like the first stop to crazy town – continues to follow me pretty much everywhere. I know his call and even with doors shut I know when he’s ( or she’s) around. Today, he was sitting on the door handle for me….

I don’t think it’s a sign. Nor do I think there’s anything more to this than a delightful and unexpected experience that has made me smile often and enjoy this little creatures company and antics.

In his short lifespan, he has delivered more than he was ever destined to and to top it all off, has shown impeccable toilet habits. For me, that’s definitely worth celebrating.


Checking out the indoor bird house
Picking plums
Trying the door….
Kylie and Gaga – two of our beautiful Divas