We live in a zoo…

Those close to me have heard me say this many times over the last year.

What was once a relatively spic and span home life is still adjusting to a life slightly less pristine and more accomodating of the boots and overalls of life on a farm.

In addition, the various animals and birds that have become part of this bright tapestry of life in the country grows almost by the day – notwithstanding the Doodles best efforts to keep our chicken numbers down…. ( but that’s another story..)

A casual aside from the previous owners when they left was to keep an eye on the geese and make sure we went on an egg hunt at the appropriate time to ensure we weren’t overcome with their offspring. Our 5 handsome geese are relatively self sufficient and magnificent beasts. Apart from one of the Doodles latching on to the tail of the largest gander while being walked by City daughter and hubby and being rescued by said hubby as the gander sought to wreak revenge, they have been quite free from hassle ( the geese that is, not City daughter and hubby…!)

However ( and isn’t there always a however…), the year has flown by and we forgot to go looking for eggs.

“I think we have babies” said M as he headed off to rescue the Ute that had starting sinking in mud ( …I don’t even ask anymore).  He was right, five fluffy bundles were paddling around the dam in the creek. But although my animal husbandry is limited, I do know that geese don’t dive under water and hold their breath.  Ducklings. 5 very cute ducklings and two very protective and squawking Paradise Ducks just daring me to go any further . Nice.

And then we saw them. The goose parade. 2 pairs of grown ups and six babies all happily parading around the paddock. Too late for any family planning assistance there then. So, resigned to having doubled our geese family , we started to head back when we were lunged at by the remaining highly agitated and hissing female goose. Why? From a safe distance we could count 7 large eggs that she was protecting and just waiting to burst into more life.

So we were 5 and now we are ( or soon will be )  18.

What to do now is the interesting dilemma. I’m secretly thrilled that we have cute babies from healthy birds living well and causing us minimal problems, but 18 ( not including the neighbouring ducks) may be a tad excessive. As I’m not quite at the ‘land to plate’ stage of my immersion to country life ( i.e. can’t eat them), good homes are now being sought and I’m determined to do a better job of planning our ever expanding menagerie next year.


“I’m sure those aren’t geese”
“Yep, those are….”











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