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51 things I love about you Marlborough ……the final 11…

Canadian poppies 

I don’t know why I picked 51 – well actually I do – it was at our front gate when I had another ‘ that view is stunning’ moments. It stuck with me. But it could be so many more.

This is my final 11 and again, in no particular order. Every day brings more to add to the list.

41. Escalators. Yes really. The only two in Marlborough – based in the wonderful Clubs of Marlborough. A novelty that attracts visitors.

42. Clubs of Marlborough. If you’re not a member , you should be. And not just because of #41 above….

43. Conversations. We have them. Lots of them. With strangers. In the street. In the shops.All over the place.

44. Daffodil Day. The town turned up. It was a mass town event that only small towns can do and do well.

45. Our hospital. Wairau hospital is small but very efficient . It is peaceful. It has more time than bigger city hospitals. Its good to know it’s there if you needed it.

46. Wild flowers. At this time of year the Canadian poppy populates the still dry river beds and turns them into a sea of glorious orange. And Verve – the flower farm, makes it easy to spread the wildflower love at home too.

47. Bubbles. Although Marlborough is world famous for its Sauvignon Blanc and increasingly its fabulous Southern Valley Pinot Noir , we also have bubbles. And good bubbles at that. World class, french beating bubbles at No 1 Family Estate.

48. Pollard Park An oasis of outstanding beauty and tranquility in an area of beauty and tranquility.

49. Seasons. We have them. But each is underpinned by being the sunniest place in New Zealand. Official !

50. Picton. A beautiful spot and much more than the “place to catch the ferry”.

51. Beauty. we have it in abundance. Whether for the perfect wedding ( an unashamed plug here for my Celebrant work!) or for those lucky enough to call it home. Natural beauty makes things better and enriches lives.

Thanks Marlborough.


51 things I love about you …..Marlborough ( part 4)

Continuing my cheerleading for this beautiful region … ( following part 3)

Marlborough cherries – best in the world…!

31.  Black garlic . Covered in chocolate ( optional – but delicious !)

32. Cherries . In abundance from November through January . My pick is in Jacksons Road . Heaven .

33. Top Town Cinema -like cinemas used to be .

34. The pretty wind fans decorating the Labdscape – and turning into a Dantesque scene during frost season !

35. Arbour restaurant . Great people . Great values . Great food .

36. Olives . Everywhere . No excuses for not having your own healthy olive oil .

37. Blue cross . Great to donate to and also to find bargains .10 cent jam jars – say no more !

38. The Vines Village . Idyllic spot to visit , work ,hangout or just grab a taco (on Tuesday’s )  and beer !

39. The people . Even if you’re not a 4th generation Malburnian !

40. Blue skies . Summer and winter .


11 to go and hundreds to choose from !