51 Things I love about you….Marlborough ( part 3)


Beautiful wild Rarangi

On days like today making a list is easy……

21. Winter days . -1c to start and a calm 16c in the afternoon – brilliantly sunshiney days.

22. The river through town. Great walks and sculptures.

23. Rocco’s. Step back in time to this unintentional retro classic restaurant. Think chianti bottles in rafia and huge portions of 70’s classics and you’re in heaven!

24. Pinecones. Massive ones. On sale at the roadside. Perfect for Christmas or lighting the fire.

25. Rarangi Beach . Underrated by locals but a fabulous walk on the wild side 🙂

26. Marlborough Airport . Has to be the best in New Zealand if not the world! Tiny, personal and $10 a day parking.Bliss.

27. Meater’s Butchery. Mike (the owner) who I met on my first day in Marborough. He slipped some sausages and bacon into my bag and said to enjoy breakfast on him. I hear this is a common act of kindness from Mike. Awesome service and even better meat.

28. Bikes. Lots of flat roads lend themselves to lots of bikes. Lovely to see visitors with their baskets full of wine as they tour the local wineries.

29. Makana chocolates. Willy Wonka eat your heart out. Watch chocolates being made and taste samples. Marlborough sea salt caramels. Yum.

30. ASB Theatre. We have a fabulous theatre here – way more than you expect for a small town. Go Blenheim!!


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