Perspectives from afar

It’s been along time between drinks as they say….

April was a month of travel and new experiences, predominantly in the USA.

Taking a look at your life from the other side of the world gives a unique perspective.

I love travel and I love new experiences and am eternally grateful for the opportunity to do so, but this time travel seemed different. I missed paradise.

Amongst many things, I felt slightly cheated out of seeing nature move swiftly from summer to autumn and change the palette and mood of home.

The first thing we did on our return was grab the Doodles and reacquaint ourselves with the vines, the orchard and all other things that stand still for no man ( or woman). It was a good time to think about the things that we missed ( in addition to family and the Doodles of course!) :

  1. The air. We underestimate the clean beautiful air that most of us enjoy in New Zealand but in particular in Marlborough. The purity on a cool clear day is a reminder of good health and the benefits of deep breathing. Not something often found in the more populated parts of the globe.
  2. The simplicity. Of food, of drink and of choices in general. While I love the expansive variety of ‘stuff’ in the USA, it was frequently overwhelming.
  3. The bounty of home grown. Picking a plum, harvesting a walnut.The quick journey from farm to table.
  4. The coffee. Now I’m not a coffee drinker but I heard enough about poor coffee to ensure this made it to the list. NZ is coffee paradise, apparently.
  5. The beauty of Marlborough . Stunning views in every direction. Productive land carefully nurtured to produce outstanding bounty…which leads to #6…
  6. The wine. We are blessed to have the most wonderful wines available to us in New Zealand.

We can all benefit from time away – ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ and all that. But perspectives can give us the push we need to make changes – I know distance has helped me make some of the big decisions in my life. But this time I get a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that the things we really missed were all parts of the decision we made to search for the good life.

It’s good to be home.


The vines putting on a golden show for our return



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