Monthly Archives: April 2016

My happy place


I never thought that I could get such joy from such simple things.

I frequently find myself standing in awe at the scenery around me. It never gets old.

When we decided to up sticks in search of the good life, we inherently knew it was right, but neither of us quite knew how right and how much it would give us over and above the expected.

M happily throws on his overalls and spends quality time making a difference around the land. His chain saw exploits are a blog unto themselves but he’s mastered it and I’m proud of him. He drives a tractor. It’s a far cry from the Alfa Romeo sports car loving fan of a few years ago, but he loves it. Betty – the tractor – is his friend. They work well together.

Our pal Betty

I find myself happily scouring the walnut grove at any available quiet moment to see if more have fallen. It’s hugely satisfying to collect them, water blast them and then stretch them out in the sun to soak up some rays. The same feelings happen with the plums, the chickens, the mowing ( lots of mowing) and almost everything else associated with the new life.

Walnuts a plenty

This week has been a busy ‘ other life’ week with daily trips to the Capital ( Wellington) and the City of Sails ( Auckland). It’s been fun but the best bit has been talking about Paradise. Interested friends and business associates are amused and bemused in equal measure. Listening to me enthuse about all things Marlborough has affirmed that this is the long game for us now and not a fleeting idea of escaping the rat race.

My first call when I get home is to walk, breathe the air and be awestruck once again.

Can happy really be that simple?  I think it can.


The comfort of pie

If someone asked me what I was looking for when I was searching for the good life, it would be fair to say that it would be unlikely to be answered , “Pies”.

But there it is.

There’s an awesome pie shop in Blenheim. It’s run by two great people who’ve turned a small business into a hub of the community.

It’s a destination – in fact I believe it’s #2 on Trip Advisors ‘things to do in Blenheim’ list.  Now cynics may say that has more to do with the little going on in Blenheim but that’s wrong. It’s here because it is a ‘must do’ place to visit.

The pies are sublime, the baguettes are amazing and the choice of deli products would shame a number of larger establishments in bigger cities. But it’s more than that.

From the first time we visited, we were made welcome ( as are every one of the hundreds who pass through the doors every day). As we moved from visitor to ‘locals’ status, so did our conversations. It’s hard to beat a guaranteed and genuine welcome.

Whether they realise it or not, the pie shop assisted with our transition to the area. Looking back, it’s funny to identify what things and which people made it all feel good, when the opposite could have been the case with bad experiences.

It’s not the only thing that has made us feel good about where we are now, but it was and is a part.

Here’s to the Burleigh …where ( to quote the classic Cheers TV series theme ) everybody knows your name 🙂