From little acorns…..

I hope I never lose the genuine excitement at finding something new when I’m walking around Paradise.

Late afternoon walks with the Doodles is a sheer pleasure. They love their freedom. So do I.

I love the hills – in one direction they are bright and glistening in late afternoon sun ( the Wither Hills) and in the other are dark and brooding  ( the Richmond Ranges).

Today we discovered these. Acorns. But not as we knew them. My knowledge of acorns was really limited to the one in the Ice Age movies that cause such excitement for the accident prone squirrel in the opening sequences.


‘real’ acorns are not a Doodles best friend
Ice Age acorn








These one’s don’t look the same.

Relying yet again on internet searches, today’s lesson is all about these little nuts, who they can poison ( always our first search) and what else we can do with them.

(On that note, I can safely say that in pre internet days we are likely to have not only poisoned ourselves through our trial and error but also the Doodles. N.B grateful thanks to Tim Berners-Lee)

So, to the acorns. Their real purpose is to make more acorns ( and mighty oaks) so not much of a contributor to the pantry.

No matter how hard we have looked I don’t think we will be able to do much with our gatherings – and they’re poisonous to Doodles. And unfortunately, squirrels are not found in New Zealand ( although I have learned that Native Americans and Koreans still use the acorn in food dishes).

However our neighbour T has just bought two little pigs and apparently ( it says on the internet so it must be true), pigs love them!

So, from little acorns, may come two fat piggies. Who knows, but it feels good to be making use of what grows amongst us.



Pig in acorn heaven !





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