Getting your hands dirty….

As some wise person once said……”sometimes the only way you ever learn is to get your hands dirty”…..

Having spent yesterday making extraordinary amounts of jam and other fruit products to use up our prolific crops  my hands were dyed a variety of colours . No problem though, after the amount of washing up my efforts produced they were almost back to normal by the end of the day.

Note to self : for many reasons in future, get disposable gloves or as Nigella called them on her show the other night, ” CSI gloves”.


We are about to start harvesting our walnuts for the first time. A beautiful grove of 17, 100-year old walnut trees.

Now we have been told many things about the trees : how special they are , how tasty the walnuts are, how much fun they are to harvest ……you get the picture. It’s very exciting.

What no one ever mentioned was this….

Would you hold this hand?!

Now it has to be said that this hand did look much worse yesterday . It has now been through 3 showers, many many dish washes, hand washes, scrubs including lemon juice, nail polish remover ( I kid you not) and industrial cleaning agents.

Why ? Because there is ( apparently) such a thing as walnut staining. Who knew?

Not me .

As I excitedly and innocently picked up some early walnuts I learned the hard way that mother nature has an interesting way of protecting some ( walnuts) and  damaging others ( me).

My on-line searches show I’m not alone. Walnut novices all over the world are bearing their own personalised stains – sort of a mark of the rite of passage into the world of walnuts.

I’ve read it will be maybe a week before they disappear.

Another lesson learned. CSI gloves are on order.

My old world of manicures seems very far away….



They look so innocent……

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