Let’s hear it for the damson

The humble damson.  Sort of like someone’s distant relative that doesn’t get too much attention but is there lurking in the back of your mind somewhere…

The damson has been said to be to plums what port is to red wine. I like that analogy and I get it.

As I’ve just found out, they are more challenging to cook with than their larger stoned fruits cousins due to their compactness and desire to hold on tight to their stones, but trust me – the end results will give you taste sensations that more than compensates for the added hassle.


If you’re interested , damsons are a very English fruit having come originally from Damascus courtesy of the romans. They were a staple of British tea times for many years but have sadly fallen out of favour. In New Zealand they are largely the domain of those with lifestyle blocks and I am hugely grateful that we have inherited the most beautiful mature tree.

But, I digress. It may have taken two hours to make my first damson jam ( and only produced 3 jars) but it was worth it. The deep dark ruby gorgeousness that was the end product is just stunning and has inspired me to do more with this wonderful little fruit.

If you have your own or a neighbour with damsons to spare, make the effort – it will be so worth it !

This blog was sent to me by a friend and has some great recipes. I’ll be giving them a go 🙂









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