Know your nuts!

I grew up on Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut ( “Everyone’s a fruit and nut case ….”)  and graduated to the subtle deliciousness of pralines as my adult taste buds kicked in.

Nuts have always featured somewhere in my life. But, with the exception of the humble peanut and walnut ( sometimes seen at Christmas), if you asked me to identify them from their tree I would be guessing at best.

Last week I saw something on the ground that reminded me of the man-eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors, but smaller.

Audrey lookalikes!

I sent an e mail around those least likely to laugh at me asking for help to identify it.No luck.

Today, we had a visit from the previous custodians of Paradise. I love seeing them as they share such massive amounts of knowledge about everything and we soak it up. I asked about my alien mystery plant and found that it’s a hazelnut and we have a few producing trees. I must admit to being a little embarrassed not to know this, but then how many of us in our pre-packed city lives ever would??

So next task, what to do with them. I’m determined that nothing will fall idle from our gardens.

Hazelnut praline is my first choice so I found this recipe and I’m going to give a try. Have a go too !

You will, I’m sure have a far easier task of identifying them in the supermarket aisle!

Enjoy !


Hazelnuts or little alien things…?

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