Doves of Peace….

We have wild doves. Beautiful white neck ringed doves. About 8 at last count.

When we moved in, I felt quite privileged to have such beautiful birds call our little bit of paradise home. They greet us when we drive in to the property and are incredibly sociable for wild birds.

Famed for being birds of peace.


They’re bullies. And smart bullies at that. A couple of patches and they could be paid up gang members.

Just ask the our girls – the hens.

Layla – who is top of our hen pecking order ahead of Blanche and Roxanne is ( as I now know from hiding and watching behind the chook house) regularly attacked by one particular dove at each mealtime as the doves take over the feeding regime. We thought the odd feather around the hen compound was moulting at best or ( at worst) a feral cat but no, it’s the local doves of peace.

I’ve tried to shoo the doves away but that makes our timid chooks run a mile. I’ve tried physically moving the doves away but they’re fearless and stand their ground.

M has thoughts of guns. I think that’s a little extreme. I’m still not country enough for such measures.

I’m thinking possibly a chook feeder that has to be stood on to provide feed but I have images of the doves ganging up and forcing our girls to jump on the feeder plate on their behalf.

Visions of chicken being forced to walk plank for food

Peaceful ? No.

But they’re beautiful. And smart. And friendly.

Their loud and tuneful cooing makes me smile. And they’re a joy to watch.

So until I have a better plan, it’s me refereeing mealtimes, doves vs hens,  until further notice…..


Beautiful Bully

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