A wine for all seasons

Hot sunny day. It has to be Rosé ( current favourites being the magnificent 2015 vintages from Te Whare Ra and Fromm La Strada ).

Choices, choices…..

That was 2 days ago. It was 36c (or 96.8 F) in the vineyard and hot hot hot. Nothing else would do to provide that relaxing tipple to help enjoy the days labours.

Today, cooler times and a girls’ mind turns to more complex things. Pinot Noir to be exact – not too heavy and easily enjoyable.

Rosé just seems wrong when the temperature drops and there are hints of a chill in the evening air.

There’s something very special about hugging a big glass of something red and full bodied when you’re thinking of snuggling in for the evening. It brings to mind a story I shared over dinner the other night with some visiting friends of my (much) younger days and first interest in wine. After a busy working week, my habit on a Friday was to leave early and visit my company’s expansive wine cellar ( how lucky was I ) – pick my new bottle of choice and head home to my little weavers cottage in the beautiful North Yorkshire village of Osmotherley, light the coal fire, stoke the Aga and get comfy in front of the fire with a very big glass. Heaven.

There will still be some Rosé days left before Autumn truly sets in ( as well as Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and some other white varietals…) but the reds are starting to call my name and it makes the thought of colder nights that bit more palatable 🙂




For long cosy evenings in front of the fire…

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