Summer and Sorbet

I talk a lot about my admiration for those that seem to effortlessly produce fabulous food while the rest of us live vicariously through foodie magazines and tv shows….

But, today a victory for the enthusiastic amateur !

I was fortunate to enjoy a delicious celebratory dinner at the stunning and internationally renowned Hans Herzog during the week. Under chestnut trees we dined on local salmon, pork belly and rib eye and to finish, we shared cheesecake with “organic estate plum” sorbet . Now to be fair, the cheesecake was underwhelming but the sorbet was the hero of the meal.

And then it struck me. We have the most prolific cropping plum tree I have ever seen and by far the most delicious. And we are organic. Surely it couldn’t be hard to do.

And it wasn’t.

Take 2-3 cups of sliced plums ( skin on) – preferably “organic estate grown” but don’t sweat it!

1/4 cup sugar ( start less and add to taste)

teaspoon lemon juice – again keep tasting to get it right)

Splash of something to hand like Fromm Riesling Spatlese or Grand Marnier

pinch of salt – always a pinch of salt ! Now I could say make it Marlborough salt flakes but that would involve pretentious twaddle and we’re not doing that.

Throw it all in a food processor, ninja or your own version of a whizzy thing to blend it into a fine liquid. If you’re doing it by hand, strain it after to get the lumpy skin bits out.

Put in a container in freezer and every few hours remove and rewhizz and freeze again until silky smooth.

And voila – “organic estate grown plum sorbet”.

This is currently being enjoyed with a chilled glass of Fromm Riesling Spatlese !

Just yum!

Sorry Hans but I think I’ve got this one nailed now….off to see if I can better your cheesecake too…. 😉







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