Belties devastate 2016 grape harvest….

I could see the above as the headline screaming from the local Marlborough paper as I searched , increasingly manically, for our three temporary bovine guests ; Oreo, Anzac and Tollhouse.

You can’t just lose these animals. They’re huge.

The cows ( or to be specific, Belties to us country folk….ahem..)  have already caused me enough stress this week ( see previous blog) but after a busy desk bound morning , I thought the responsible thing to do was to have a walk around the patch to see if everything was ok after last nights stormy weather (I’ve heard that this is the type of behaviour consistent with owning land in the country and it was about time I made it part of my routine. Especially with M away).

No cows. Anywhere.

No cows in paddock, or at usual shade tree, not at watering areas, not even at their favourite pear tree.

Now, we are surrounded by vineyards groaning with the promise of the imminent 2016 harvest. And cows like grapes. It would not take 3 , one tonne Belties long to make some serious damage to said crops.

Thankfully, help was at hand quickly to start the search party from our ever helpful neighbour T, who I already suspect finds most of our ‘potential crises’ amusing.

I was beginning to start crisis planning for upset neighbours, ruined vines  or worse, when T appeared, smiling. Not usually a signal of imminent disaster .

Our 3 girls were safe , enclosed and had happily decided to lie flat in the creek out of normal sight.

Panic over. Headlines averted. Harvest safe.

This week’s score (so far)  : Belties 2 : Fi  0

I see a cow free future ahead.



Is that a smirk I detect…..

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