A taste for pears

Beautiful Oreo

We have a beautiful pear tree that has never been harvested. It is laden but I have plans . One friend is making pear cider . Another is taking some for horse feed. And I am looking to ripen as many as I can to enjoy and make delicious things with .

There are still hundreds left .

So I thought they would be a welcome treat for the three beautiful Belties * that are temporarily  living with us. They loved them .
What I failed to take into account is that a wire fence is no barrier between fully grown and very heavy Belties and their newfavourite food .

It took a loss in water pressure to start an urgent search around the property as that could only mean one thing – a leak in our our much needed water system .

Luckily we didn’t need to look far . A fountain had appeared where our pear smitten Belties had trodden on pipes , broken through fence and trampled their trough .

How happy were they . Belties in pear heaven .

Me , I’ll take it as yet another lesson in country living . I’m truly not in Kansas anymore.


*Beltie : The Belted Galloway is a heritage beef breed of cattle originating from Galloway in the west side of southern Scotland, adapted to living on the poor upland pastures and windswept moorlands of the region. The exact origin of the breed is unclear although it is often surmised that the white belt that distinguishes these cattle from the native black Galloway cattle may be as a result of cross breeding with Dutch Lakenvelder belted cattle. It is the belt that gives them their name.


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