Drinking in the good life




There are many many many reasons why I love where I live and live where I love.

The clear air.

The less busy way of living.

The natural produce.

The friendly and authentic people.

The glorious hills acting as a glorious movie-set backdrop everywhere you look.

The bountiful vines . Everywhere .

But today, another reason soared to the top of my list.

It’s Friday , we have good friends coming to stay over the Marlborough Wine and Food Festival weekend and we wanted to get some wine to share. In the past, this would have involved a trip to the supermarket or, far less frequently, a good wine shop.

Today it involved driving to one of our neighbourhood wineries – 4 minutes from home. We went to the cellar door, selected what we wanted, tasted again something that we had forgotten and went happily on our way with our treasure.

Today’s favourite winery is Fromm. The wines are wonderful and, being next door,  you don’t get much closer from vine to table than that.

Sláinte !



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