Plums in abundance

I’ve always admired and been slightly envious of those people who were able to take simple produce and turn it into something delicious. Even moreso if they had the produce to hand – be it fruit, vegetables, milk , honey or any other natural delight.

Part of my search for the good life is doing just that. We are working with the existing produce at the property for time being but have exciting plans to develop more.

This week has been exciting as one of the plum trees, which I still can’t identify, has hit its peak. The plums are firm and look underripe but they are perfect, with an amazing flavour. We’ve got friends coming over the weekend so I thought about doing some stewed plums for putting over muesli as a delicious breakfast treat.

It was so easy. Heat some water, sugar ( sparingly to start as you can always add more to taste later), orange juice and a cinnamon stick until sugar melts. Then add plums and poach on simmer for 15-20 minutes. So easy and so yum!

Enjoy !




Fresh and warm, straight off the tree
Ruby flesh looks as good as it tastes










Stewed plums
Finished ! Plenty for the weekend and the ‘angel’s share for Mum & Dad !)

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