Feed the birds…

Netting on a perfect day

We would happily pay “tuppence a bag” to stop the wretched things gorging on everything ripe !

Today was netting day – and I think we got the timing spot on . The grapes are turning colour ( veraison) and the birds have not done any damage. Nets are not pretty but they do the job. We are on the final push towards harvest and our babies are now hopefully safe.

It’s an odd situation. I take great pleasure in putting out wild bird seed and ensuring there is plenty of water to look after our wonderful bird families who in return give us the most fantastic bird song.

In addition to the many various types of bird around us, we have doves. How cool is that! They are calm and friendly. They sit and wait as we feed our hens and then happily get stuck in to the hen feeder with them. They provide a stunning white feathered escort alongside the cars everytime we drive home.

They’re great.

Beautiful turtle dove

However, when you have precious vine babies and other produce waiting to burst into life, you can’t help but get protective.

On one hand I’m feeding the birds to protect and nurture them but when they become vine and fruit enemy #1, it’s all on.

If anyone has any ideas for protecting nature’s spoils from our feathered friends I would love to hear them. Everything we have tried doesn’t seem to work. Nets it is then.

Bird scarer
Useless bird scarers providing  fiesta atmosphere for the birds’ feasting….

Saying that, as I type I’m listening to them.

I wouldn’t swop this glorious birdsong for anything.






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