Wobbly boots

There’s a first time for everything and today was no exception.

I take massive pleasure and pride from living in New Zealand – the shaky isles. They’re given that name for good reason – we live on major fault lines and therefore experience the odd shake – or mother nature’s sneeze as some gentle folk call it.

After 15 years in New Zealand, I had managed to avoid any shaking of any kind until today. As I was finishing a blog, I felt the weirdest of sensations. The room went slightly soft focused and bent a little and it felt like someone ( perhaps a giant) was pushing the side of the house while everything in it was resisting. It was short and sharp. By the time I had actually realised what it was and took action, the second one hit – gentler this time. Ignoring all advice I’ve assimilated over the years to ‘Drop, cover and hold’, I grabbed the doodles ( our unconcerned labradoodles) and what seemed essential at the time – my shorts which had been discarded on what was a very very hot Marlborough day .If the house was going down, I was not going to be out and about in my knickers.

However damage was limited to that displayed in the photo below.


Joking aside, it was a jolt that will stay in my memory . I now know what an earthquake actually feels like ( this one was 5.8 magnitude and not far away). That will hopefully allow me to focus on the right advice and pay less attention to what I’m wearing!








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